Recent Client Testimonials


“We see many speakers from all over the United States, and Kathy is one of the best I’ve ever seen. One of our mottos at Wal-mart is Make a Difference. Kathy has done that for us!”

Dawn Scifres, Corporate HR Specialist


“We asked our members who they wanted to see speak at next year’s conference. They told us Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong and Kathy Dempsey. We chose Kathy Dempsey!”

SHRM Ohio State Conference Planning Committee

Mayo Clinic

“After hearing Kathy speak, I left so inspired and excited that we instituted The Shed for Success Program. I’ve never seen my staff so engaged about change! If you are looking for employee engagement and culture change, call Kathy Dempsey.”

Jacqueline Jenkins, Director of Nursing

The Disney Institute

“A breakthrough day! Kathy’s presentation blew me away. She modeled the message and totally exceeded my highest expectations!”

Jeff Noel


“Kathy’s Shed or You’re Dead philosophy transformed our Six Sigma deployment.”

Vinny Tucillo, Director, Global Six Sigma

Parkland Hospital

“Kathy’s shedding message was inspiring and compelling and stuck like glue with our 600+ supervisors.”

Jacqueline D. Brock, Director of Leadership and Organizational Developmentr


“Kathy’s keynote was energetic and presented with passion! I endorse her message, “The greatest accountability lies in focusing your energy on changing yourself, not others.”

Thomas F. Smith, V.P., Sales Operations & Customer Development

Philadelphia VA Medical Center

“The Shed for Success™ training program was dynamic and relevant. I have never seen our employees more energized and engaged in their interactions with our customers.”

Jeffrey Vollum, Deputy Director

Norton Health Care System

“I believe that every healthcare organization in this country could benefit from Kathy’s  shedding message.  She gives people permission to SHED! And if they don’t shed, healthcare costs and dysfunction in the workplace will increase.”

Al Cornish, VP

Abington Memorial Hospital

“Healthcare is facing its most challenging times and the organizations that prepare their people will be the ones that survive and thrive!   Preparing your people to SHED for Success™ and move forward with “whatever changes may take place” is the best health care insurance policy you can buy!”

Joel Schwartz, MD Chairman, Department of Psychiatry

Allergan Pharmaceuticals

“Kathy powerful message gets you to think differently! She made me look great! My district sales managers told me it was one of the best management training programs they had ever attended.”

Jim Trunick, Sr Director, Corporate Training & Development


“Kathy is a remarkable presenter! The session was extremely beneficial and exceeded ALL my expectations. I will definitely do my job more effectively and change my behavior.”

Dave Durham, Manager, Distance Learning

Heart Newspapers

“Kathy’s energizes and captivates an audience. If you need a wake up call, don’t miss her presentation!”

Bob Danzig, Former CEO


“We couldn’t get enough of Kathy and her sidekick Lenny. She delivers a dynamic shedding presentation that no one should miss.”

Susan Juarez, VP Education

Sanofi Aventis

“Best training session since I started this job! As a result of Kathy’s session, performance from our sales professionals will certainly improve.”

Mindi Myser, District Sales Manager

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