SHED Solutions Design

Diagnosis and Consultation

When was the last time you walked into a doctor’s office and the doctor handed you a prescription before even asking about your symptoms and considering what was causing those symptoms? Unheard of – no professional would do that! One of the reasons you trust your doctor is because you’re asked relevant questions, thoroughly evaluated for symptoms and treated for the causes. You would never trust a doctor that provided you with less than that level of engagement.

Shed Solutions are like prescriptions your doctor gives you. The important thing about the prescription is that it only comes after a thorough diagnosis. The doctor also tells you what you need to do to get better, what better is going to look and feel like and when that will happen.

Our SHED Solutions Design Session is the diagnosis session. Think of us as your change management doctor. We are going to work with you in this session, your team and ours, using our methodology to figure out the right plan for addressing your change management challenges. This is usually a one day event.

What will I receive at the end of the SHED Solution Design session? 

At the end of that day you will receive:
• The diagnosis
• A detailed report documenting the activities during the day
• Your prescription: our recommendations for how to get better

What methodology do you use for you SHED Solution Design Session?

We use a model called LearningPlus™. It is:
• Highly interactive and visual
• Starts with obtaining agreement from the appropriate group on the business challenges that you’re facing
• Identifies what success would look like in addressing those challenges
• Who in the organization can have the greatest impact on creating that success
• How they need to behave to move the organization toward that success
• Focused efforts on the people who can have the greatest impact with the least investment first. (This will develop momentum and support for the project.)
• Explore what barriers are keeping you from being as successful as you would like

Do learning programs fix the problem?

Not always. Some issues we discover may be addressed with learning programs but there are some things learning can’t fix. You need to know what those things are and we can help develop different strategies for dealing with them. Success depends on identifying all the barriers to success.

What happens after the diagnosis session?

We create a detailed shed plan to address the gaps that exist between the current state and the desired state for the target audiences. For those issues where learning is the right solutions to achieve the desired behavior change, we develop specific and focused learning programs that will get you the results you want with the least amount of employee time and costs.

How do we know it works?

LearningPlus™ is the model that Farmers Insurance used to propel them to the top of learning organizations in the country. The model is the design approach used by other major corporations with measurable business outcomes. Our report will provide you with options for addressing the challenges and a clear picture of the ROI that will result when you implement the SHED Plan. We then work with you to decide what you believe will provide you with the best return and we will then work with you to implement that part of the plan first.

Different organizations have different issues, cultures and physical environments that impact what and how major initiatives are implemented. To be truly effective we need to work with you to tailor a plan to your situation and work with you to make it successful.

Will the investment in the SHED Design Session have its own ROI?

Yes, at the end of the session, you have a choice to take the recommendations from the prescription or not. If you don’t choose to move forward with us assisting you with your challenges you will still have a much better picture of the issues you are facing and what it will take to overcome them. Whatever you decide, we guarantee the session will provide valuable information.

What is the next step?

Contact us and let’s talk about how a SHED Solution Design Session will help you diagnosis the change management issues in your organization. We look forward to being your strategic partner for change.

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