Case Study


We partnered with Verizon Wireless to help them improve employee engagement and accountability. We are confident we can help you too!

Embracing Change. Shifting employee to mindset — CHANGE ENERGIZES US.

Improve employee engagement and accountability.

Kathy Dempsey, founder of Keep Shedding Inc. first spoke to leadership group in Atlanta. She introduced the Shed for Success philosophy, baseline date with a sustainability action plan for leaders to implement with their staff to improve employee engagement scores. (Example: SHED Style Assessment for all employees and monthly strategies with SHED Ambassadors identified to keep staff engaged and excited about coming to work every day!) Kathy returned for a three month follow up leadership meeting and reassessment. This lead to executive leadership’s decision to expand and bring the Shedding Philosophy into all the calls centers in the south. Alpharetta, Tampa, Little Rock, Greenville. Kathy conducted workshops for each call center.

An organization that shifted to being excited about change and employees. CHANGE ENERGIZES THEM! Within 3 months employee engagement scores had improved from 6.1 to 7.2.

Lenny Award

Verizon also instituted the Lenny Award, which is an award given to employees who embrace change. One Lenny Award winner during his acceptance speech stood up and said,

“In the last three months, my job has been eliminated twice. I am now on my third job. Look at all the new skills I am learning!”

Wow! Can you imagine if everyone in an organization had that kind of attitude? How it would transform a culture? A company?

Bring the Shedding Revolution to Your Organization