Shed Styles

How Do You SHED?

SHED Styles describe how people deal with change. There are four SHED Styles and all of them respond to change in different ways.

Lenny the Lizard

Development of the Shed Style™ Model

For centuries, people have sought to find a systematic way to understand human behavior and to explain the differences in others. Our expanded comprehension of psychology and advances in research has led to an evolution of different models based on concepts dating back to Hippocrates in 450 B.C. Interestingly, many models have one common characteristic: they group behaviors into four categories.

In 2007, when Kathy Dempsey developed the SHED Style Model, she created the behavior assessment tool with four categories as well. It was based on the powerful metaphor of shedding. Although accurate and powerful, it was more concise than others and quick to learn. People immediately knew that the words Stabilizer, Hedger, Energizer and Driver meant SHED! There is no need to translate category names, colors, etc. This assessment tool does not depend on a long evaluation or lengthy report.

The four SHED styles are Stabilizer, Hedger, Energizer, Driver. Although each of us comprises a mixture of ALL four, everyone has a preferred style in which they behave and communicate with others. Very few people realize: We are only 25% effective when we don’t adapt our style in response to others.

SHED Styles

The SHED Style™ Assessment Tool is included in our online virtual training

Adaptation is the key.

The tool’s primary focus is to provide practical strategies on how to effectively lead and manage rapid change. The goal in utilizing this tool in the workplace is to:
• Engage employees
• Reduce negativity
• Increase productivity
• Improve bottom line results

The power of any assessment tool is increased awareness. This is the critical first step in making positive changes at work and life. Most successful people know themselves well, recognize their strengths and know their opportunities for growth.

Knowing your SHED Style can help you by:
• Raising your awareness about how you think about how you deal with change
• Understanding why you react the way you do when you encounter a change at work or in your personal life.
• Recognizing the SHED Styles of people you work with can help you in communicating better with them when dealing with change.
• Learning to quickly adapt your SHED Style will make you 75% more effective!

Stabilizers create a stable and harmonious work environment. They provide caring and consistency. Their focus is on cooperating with others to get the job done. They demonstrate patience and are extremely good listeners.

Hedgers create order and bring a systematic approach to the work environment. They provide quality and accuracy. They excel in finding logical solutions. They demonstrate attention to detail, and weigh out the cons and pros.

Energizers create life and inspire others in the work environment. They look at the positive side and the unlimited possibilities. They demonstrate enthusiasm and a fun-loving desire to connect with people.

Drivers create results in the work environment. They provide action, set goals and quickly move towards accomplishing them. They take control of situations, solve problems and accept multiple challenges.

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