Meeting Planner Checklist

Imagine Hearing this from Attendees.
Well, it can happen.

WOW! Best meeting I’ve ever attended

Great investment of my time and resources

Never a boring moment

I’m focused and re-charged

A memorable experience that inspired me to do something different

“Having to listen to 15-20 presentations a year, you’ll probably find me a little jaded or sometimes just plain bored. What an exception you were! You had everything on my speaker wish list -learning, laughing, compassion, tears, and insight.”

Darryl-Lynn Oakes
Director, Communication for Idaho Hospital Association

Event Checklist

To help make the most of this opportunity, we have created a checklist for success. Use the checklist below to help plan the promotion, book signing, and other elements related to maximizing your investment.

Questions? Call or email us anytime for help getting ready.

  • Return the signed Professional Services Agreement. This document is critical to secure your date.
  • Submit the KeepShedding! Inc. W9 and Invoices to Accounts Payable. The invoices: deposit and balance, are sent with the Agreement for your convenience.
  • Complete the Pre-Event Questionnaire and return it. Plan to have this completed and returned one month prior to the event date.
  • Download Kathy’s Biography and photographs (1) (2) (3) for the promotional materials.
  • Schedule the 30-minute Pre-Event conference call. You will be contacted to schedule this call to be held at least three weeks in advance of the event.
  • Learn how to engage attendees before, during and after to build curiosity and enhance learning Attendee Engagement document
  • Download Kathy’s Introduction and Audio Visual Requirements.
  • Promote Continuing Education Credits if applicable.
  • Prepare for a book signing if applicable.
  • Have an AMAZING event!
  • Submit final shipping and travel expense invoice to accounts payable.
  • Utilize the resources on this website to extend the experience.

Congratulations! You have selected and booked Kathy Dempsey! She will exceed expectations for you and your attendees!
Are you ready?