Organizations Don’t Change. People Change.

See Kathy in Action!

Kathy Dempsey, Promo Video 2023 (4:41)

Did COVID force you to SHED? Are you ready to keep shedding? 2023 (0:54)

Demo Video (3:46)

SHED Negativity (5:50)

The SHED Wave (0:17)

AIDS Story: Are You Prepared? (3:28)

The Ron Story (12:44)

5000 Person SHEDabration (0:15)

“We asked our members who they wanted to see speak at next year’s conference. They told us Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong and Kathy Dempsey. We chose Kathy Dempsey!”

SHRM Ohio State Conference Planning Committee

All of our Keep Shedding Keynotes are customized to address the unique needs of your organization.  The underlying message remains the same and the slides, key phrases and tailored elements come from our pre-event work with your team.

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