Lenny the Lizard

Change Agent for Change Management

Lenny the lizard is the playful, provocative and powerful metaphor that Keep Shedding utilizes to help people embrace change and the Shedding Philosophy. He serves as a potent reminder for people to SHED daily. Years after the keynote or training session is over, Keep Shedding! Inc has received many calls from attendees saying, “I still have my lizard on my computer at work and it reminds me to SHED every day!”

The Keep Shedding change strategies hang on the SHED metaphor represented by Lenny the Lizard. Although it looks simplistic at first, trust us, it is very purposeful! We know from published research in neuroscience that metaphors are a strong hook for hanging the content that creates the stickiness needed for change. Our strength is in creating measurable business results by engaging people in a way that leads to huge shifts in their approach to change and reduction in negativity (often a key barrier to change). We are very strategic in preparing people for change!

About Lenny T. Lizard

Lenny the Lizard met Kathy on July 29, 1998 at Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Lenny was the result of a life-changing conversation with David Mann, a colleague, about his pet lizard that died because it didn’t shed its skin. It was an instant partnership and Lenny agreed to be her lifelong companion, alter-ego, business partner and vehicle for helping people SHED!

After years of pleading, Kathy finally agreed to relocate from the East Coast and move to Scottsdale, Arizona to be closer to Lenny’s relatives.
Lenny is CEO, Chief Energy Officer, of Keep Shedding! Inc. He earned his Ph.D. in Shedding from the world-renowned Reptile University.

Kathy does the speaking but Lenny imparts the real wisdom. He hopes that whenever you see a lizard, it will instantaneously remind you to Keep Shedding!

Over the past 20+ years, Lenny and Kathy have inspired thousands of humans to SHED in places around the world including Europe, Canada, Africa, Mexico, and across the United States.

Lenny has literally been perched on the top of the heads of some of the most distinguished CEO and executive leaders from Fortune 500 companies, associations and the healthcare industry!

Lenny the Lizard