Lenny is Legal! He’s over 21 years old now!

On July 29, 1998, Lenny was birthed at Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Lenny was the result of a life-changing conversation with David Mann, a colleague, about his pet lizard that died because it didn’t shed its skin. It was an instant partnership and Lenny agreed to be her lifelong companion, alter-ego, business partner and vehicle for helping people SHED! It was on that day that SHED or You’re Dead® launched.

happy birthday Lenny

Lenny has only ONE request in celebration, in honor of his birthday.
He wants humans to SHED one thing.
Yes, you, something that’s holding you back. So below are two downloadable resources for you.

21 Things You Can SHED Now!

shed doc

I Pledge to SHED Certificate

shed certificate

Incredible Memories from the Last 21 Years

Lenny's 18th birthday

Lenny’s 18th BD. Dr Lakin cut the cake.

Lenny reading WSJ about Verizon

Lenny reading WSJ about Verizon SHEDs – he’s up to help!

orphans in africa

In Africa helping AIDS orphans – Keep Shedding Foundation has sent 300 kids to school.

Lenny loves speaking to pharmacists!

Lenny loves speaking to pharmacists!

Million mile club

Million mile club! Lenny’s traveled around the world.

Lenny, Kathy and mentor

Lenny, Kathy and mentor, Bob Pike, CSP, CPAE.

Alabama. Roll tide, Roll!

Alabama. Roll tide, Roll!

St John’s Episcopal Hospital

Go St John’s Episcopal Hospital – #1 most positive workforce.

St John’s Episcopal Hospital

Lenny loves SHRM!

Lenny getting a massage

Everyone needs a massage every once in a while.

A doctor eating a lizard burger

This is so wrong! A doctor eating a lizard burger.

A guy lizard asking for directions

A guy lizard asking for directions.

Verizon SHEDs

Verizon SHEDs!

Lenny speaks to Cedars Sinai

Lenny speaks to Cedars Sinai.

St Joes give Lenny an official employee badge

St Joes gives Lenny an official employee badge.

Lenny at honeywell

Lenny’s traveled around the world with Honeywell.

Lenny’s physical by Dr Doug Lakin

Lenny’s physical by Dr Doug Lakin.

lenny at trump resort

Black tie speaking event at the Trump Resort.

David Mann
Lenny, Trey, and David Mann whose actual lizard died and birthed SHED or You’re Dead!
Lenny in Trauma room #1 at Parkland Hospital

Lenny in Trauma room #1 at Parkland Hospital.

Lenny and Zig Ziglar

Lenny and Zig Ziglar!

Lenny loves Home Depot

Lenny loves Home Depot!

GE SHEDs light

GE SHEDs light.

Tuscoloosa VA Medical Center

Tuscoloosa VA Medical Center dons “I’m Allergic to Negativity” shirts with Lenny.

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