Recent Articles by Kathy B. Dempsey, Award Winning Author, Keynote Speaker and Recognized Change Expert

How I Learned to Wake and Smell the Pinecones
Wake up and smell the outcomes. My worst Christmas was my my poorest. Read more

Ten Ways to SHED Workplace Negativity
Workplace negativity is at epidemic proportions. Exposure is deadly. Moreover, this highly contagious virus creates toxic environments. And it actually weakens your immune system. Negativity adversely impacts your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial well-being. Research shows that the average person complains 15 to 30 times a day. It does not have to be this way! Not for you… not for those around you. You want something better! Read more

Ten Reasons to Declare a SHED Workplace Negativity Day!
This day is a celebration! Kathy Dempsey’s business partner, Lenny T. Lizard, turns 18 on July 29 and we are celebrating the power of the SHED message Lenny has been bringing to humans. Declare a SHED Workplace Negativity Day with these tips on launching a Shedding Revolution. Read more

Shed Dilemma: How to Lead Change When You Don’t Agree With It Yourself
Here’s a typical work scenario: In a meeting, your boss announces an upcoming company-wide change. You had little warning about the change and you don’t have a lot of time to implement the change. You might have some reservations and may even be thinking, “Are you kidding me? You want me to do what?” Read more

Shed or Your Organization is Dead
“I THINK OUR ORGANIZATION is dying!” The voice on the other end of the phone proclaimed. When I asked the executive why, she responded, “We don’t know how to shed!” I listened intently as she described the following problems. I recognized them immediately as the top five signs that a workforce needs resuscitation. Read more

Seize the Power of Change
Why do 75% of all change efforts fail? Largely because people feel left out of the process and lack the motivation, skills and knowledge to adapt to the new systems, processes and procedures. According to Gallup’s calculations, actively disengaged employees cost the American economy up to $350 billion per year in lost productivity. No organization thrives unless their people learn how to SHED. Read more

7 New Skills Every Healthcare Worker Needs
Recently, I was speaking at a major healthcare conference. Before I was introduced, the vice president of the 10,000-employee system stood up and announced,”The number one skill we are hiring for today is the ability to learn on the fly!” Read more

Above the Neck Constipation – Five Ways to Shed Workplace Negativity
Are you having difficulty getting employees motivated? Is negativity causing a workflow impaction? Does your staff have a mental blockage about moving forward with change? If so, your organization may be suffering from “Above the Neck Constipation.” It’s a widespread ailment that is attacking workforces nationwide. It slows down, or even halts productivity and creates an extremely toxic work environment.

Who Killed Communication? 10 Ways to Shed Miscommunication and Stay Alive Amidst Uncertain Times!
Every day, communication is killed. And when this happens, there is always a price to pay; lost revenue, decreased productivity, low moral or a fleeting of top talent. In these uncertain and turbulent times, no one can afford the cost of miscommunication. The crime is often committed innocently, but the costs can be deadly. Read more

SHED or You’re Dead: Seven Unconventional Strategies to Keep Your Organization Alive!
Quit! Yes, I said quit! When was the last time your organization sat down and focused on answering one question: What do we need to stop doing? If you haven’t read Seth Godin’s new book, The Dip, do so! The most successful companies know when to SHED and when NOT to SHED. Begin by asking, “What’s outgrown or overgrown in your organization? Work roles? Clients? Products? Budgets?” Read more

Is Your Organization Shedding for Success?
What is shedding? Lizards grow by shedding their skin. If they don’t shed, they die! The same is true with organizations. If they don’t shed, they die! Shedding is a two part process. The first part is letting go of the old; all those things that are unhealthy or are no longer useful. The second part of shedding is taking on the new; all the knowledge/skills or healthy habits that will nurture growth. What causes humans to SHED? Read more

How Can a Lizard Help You? An interview with Lenny the Lizard
What can we learn from a lizard? Lizards remind us how important detachment is for survival. If a lizard didn’t detach its tail, it would most likely die. Sometimes it is necessary for humans to separate themselves from others or things that may ultimately destroy or inhibit their growth. As leaders, sometimes it is necessary to SHED things or even people in our organization that are inhibiting the health and
growth of our business. Read more