Our Philosophy

The Cornerstone of Keep Shedding is Our Shedding Philosophy

It is based on a powerful metaphor. Lizards grow by shedding their skin; if they don’t shed, they die! If humans and organizations don’t grow, they die! Shed or You’re Dead®!

The Keep Shedding change strategies hang on the SHED metaphor represented by Lenny the Lizard. Although it looks simplistic at first, trust us, it is very purposeful! We know from published research in neuroscience that metaphors are a strong hook for hanging the content that creates the stickiness needed for change. Our strength is in creating measurable business results by engaging people in a way that leads to huge shifts in their approach to change and reduction in negativity (often a key barrier to change). We are very strategic in preparing people for change!

No matter what systems, plans procedures or technology you have deployed with the hope of creating change, unless you prepared the people to embrace that change, you may have gotten less than the results you had planned. You are not alone, many organizations miss this critical step in the change management process. The good news is that you can regroup and still succeed! The changes did not fail – the uptake failed because people were not personally prepared to embrace change.

Shedding is a Two Part Process

1. Letting go of the old.

“The old” represents all those things that are unhealthy and are no longer serving you. They may have once served you, but they no longer do now.

2. Taking on the new.

The second part of shedding is taking on all the new skills, knowledge and healthy habits that will help you continue to grow.

Keep Shedding has worked with hundreds of organizations that were having challenges with the uptake of changes. Our team is able to meet your people where they are in resistance to change, provide them the tools and process to re-frame their thinking and get on board with the new plans.

Here is the crazy part, it is really fun! And trust us, that is on purpose too!

21 Things to SHED Now!

SHED CHALLENGE: Read over the list below and circle the top one that you’re ready to SHED Now! If you’re really committed, pick your top three. And if you think of something you need to SHED and it’s not on the list, add it.

1. Stuff
2. Negativity
3. Toxic relationship
4. Weight
5. Fear
6. Worry
7. Debt

8. Bad boss/job
9. Control
10. The past
11. Addictions
12. Over-eating
13. Over-shopping
14. Over-drinking

15. Over-technology
16. Judging others
17. Expectations
18. Perfection
19. Adult children making bad choices
20. Procrastination
21. Doing it alone (Ask for help!)

Click here to download PDF: 21 Things to SHED NOW!

Bring the Shedding Revolution to Your Organization