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Philadelphia VA Medical Center was challenged with communication issues. Like many organizations in today's information overloaded environment, miscommunication was causing moral, productivity and customer service issues.
Kathy partnered with the information technology division and within a few months of training and coaching sessions, communication significantly improved. Each staff set their own personal communication goal and co-workers began to help keep each other accountable. The VP reinforced effective communication at staff meeting and daily interactions. Learning when to use the right communication tool at the right time was critical for success.
Staff ratings (10 point scale 1-low, 10 - high) of knowledge & communication skills soared from 4.8 to 7.8. The culture of communicating effectivley rose from 5.4 to 6.9. And the desire to communicate more effectivley improved from 7.2 to 8.0.

A vicious “Oh No!” JCAHO cycle in hospitals. Every three years right before JCAHO arrived, staff becomed stressed out and patient care suffers. Why can’t employees get excited that JCAHO was coming?
Kathy met with the CEO of Memorial Healthcare System and suggested a “Back to the Future” theme for the performance improvement presentation. The time machine would show where we had been, where we were and where we were going with performance improvement. Kathy suggested he dress up like the crazy professor and greet the surveyors at the door. The conservative CEO agreed to go along with the crazy idea on one condition: Get employees excited about JCAHO.
We gathered 20 staff from front line employees to the executive office. Instead of a boring board room presentation, the performance improvement presentation was given in a huge community room. We covered all the tables in aluminum foil and rented smoke machines and a strobe light . Everyone dressed up and became involved: RN’s, respiratory therapist, patients, even cardiac surgeons. 4000 employees were excited; they couldn’t wait for the surveyors to come.
After the presentation, the surveyors gave a standing ovation and declared, “Survey over one day early!” Memorial received 100% on our performance improvement presentation, became one of the top 100 hospitals in the country, number one in customer satisfaction across the national system, and exceeded budgetary goal of $5,000,000!

In preparation for a strategic planning board retreat, Kathy asked the president, “What goal could you envision for your organization in two years?” The president perked up and said, “I want to be at the national convention in Orlando and want to be given the highest award from the national president. “Excellent,” Kathy exclaimed, “then let’s celebrate it ...ADVANCE!”
We began the retreat with a Strategic Shedding Celebration. We catupulted the board members two years into the future and we celebrated the achievement in ADVANCE. We welcomed everyone out to a veranda at an exclusive golf resort in Georgia. We had music, balloons, and sparkling grape juice in champagne glasses. After a few minutes we had everyone freeze. The next step was to imagine news reporters and TV stations that were outside the doors, wanting to know “how did they do it”. The preparation for the media interviews would become the foundation for their strategic plan.
Two years later in Orlando at the convention of the National Speakers Association, they did it! In front of 2000 people, the national president got up and announced the winner … The Georgia Speakers Association!



A recent survey we conducted with over 500 human resource

professionals revealed that   83% do not have a strategy in place

to hire/train their people to lead and manage change.

Strategy Chart

Many reported they were too busy “dealing” with change to “prepare” for change. They found themselves in reactive mode.

What are you doing to equip your leaders and staff to lead, engage employees and manage sustainable change?

Imagine what your organization would be like if everyone could lead and manage change? Organizations that equip their people to SHED faster and quicker will be the ones that survive and thrive!

We partner with organizations to equip their employees to lead and master change. Using our proven SHED for Success™ Training System, we deliver results that meet and exceed the organization's business objectives.


"Kathy’s shedding message was inspiring and compelling and stuck like glue with our 600+ supervisors."

Jacqueline D. Brock, Director of Leadership and Organizational Development, Parkland Hospital


Shed for Success™ Traction Program

This is a highly customized solution for leaders and staff from corporate, education and the healthcare industry. Based on your needs, a prescriptive program is designed and delivered specifically around your outcomes.
Four focused tracks provide the traction to embed long lasting change readiness into every fiber of the organization’s DNA.
• Employee Track (all employees)
• Leadership Track (supervisors, managers and executives)
• SHED Champion Track (formal and informal leaders who will be responsible for keeping the SHED program alive.
• Trainer Certification Track (educators, trainers or leaders who are certified to train the employee and leadership courses and equipped to assist business leaders in the development of building stronger work teams and engagement programs to support organizational change initiatives.

Leader Training: SHED for Success™ 

The Employee course is a pre-requisite to Leader Course and includes:
• Awareness of how each person currently deals with organizational change
• Understand the strengths and challenges of each SHED Style
• Apply 16 communication change strategies for adapting your SHED style and become 75% more effective
• Recognize primary and secondary SHED Styles and how to help others from getting unstuck
• Value each person’s style and the strength they bring to the team
• Manage SHED styles under stress - any strength over developed can become your weakness
• Harness the power of celebration in accelerating professional and organizational goals
• Distinguish the difference in real and imagined fears
• Develop an action plan of how to address fear and move forward
• Learn the 3 R’s of shedding to stay positive, juggle multiple priorities and do more with less
• Identify the 3 areas where people become over attached and can’t SHED
• Learn how to embrace change quickly by reframing any challenging situation
• Implement 5 key ways to eliminate negativity and create a positive work environment
• Practice 40 ways to recharge at work in less than 5 minutes (energy management)
• Identify 25 things you can control right now (control management)
• Utilize being in the present to avoid accidents, build stronger teams and enhance customer service
• Learn 5 key filters questions to help you decide if it is time to SHED
• Understand the benefits of changing (shedding) vs. the consequences of not changing (shedding)
• Practice the 3 tips for helping people become comfortable with uncertainty

The Leadership course includes:

• Fast track adaptation - Recognizing SHED Styles with customers, colleagues and bosses
• How to lead a more efficient team
• Proven strategies to engage employees and keep it alive in your culture
• Recognize the warning signs that your team may not be running as efficiently as possible
• Apply 6 key questions for how to LEAD change when you don’t agree with it yourself
• Utilize the 12 month SHED AHEAD guide to build traction and accountability with your team
• Understand the research and neuroscience behind the power of metaphors and “Why Lenny works?”


 Module 3

Who Killed Communication? Solving the Mystery of Miscommunication

Experience this highly interactive engaging murder mystery that takes a closer look at what kills communication within organizations. This session will help you identify the 9 characteristics of an outstanding communicator, understanding the barriers that prevent good communication and acquire 31 strategies for keeping communication alive! Develop an action plan on improving your own workplace communication. By the end of the session, with everyone’s help the murder mystery is solved. Miss Communication (miscommunication) always kills communication!

"If you are looking for results, Kathy Dempsey can get you there. what impresses most is her ability to help people stop, think, focus, and make better decisions, all in a fun and lighthearted way!"

— Clark Taylor, CEO, Memorial Health Care System

Kathy Dempsey Keynotes

  • • Answer the 3 key questions every leaders needs to ask before the implement any organizational change.

  • • Understanding my role(s) in the change process.

  • • Learning how to preparing myself and others for change.

  • • Identify how to appropriately express concerns or issues that you have with the change?

  • • Learn how to communicate change when you’re not 100% for it.

  • • Learn how to manage change when you are personally dealing with your own losses?

  • • Avoid common pitfalls of using the wrong communication tool at the wrong time.

  • • Embrace how to lead in times of crisis and rapid change while being sensitive to the human loss.

  • • Apply the 7 step Shed for Success™ model to effectively communicate change.

  • • Avoid the top 5 reasons why communication fails.

  • • Learn how to communicate and manage change (from a far) virtually.

  • • Implement 10 ways to earn buy-in and support from top executives.

  • • Apply the top 21 Shed for Success™ communication strategies that deliver results.

  • • Create a personal action plan for how you and your organization will SHED for Success™!

    Leadership track focal areas:

    • • Answer the 3 key questions every leader needs to ask before they implement any organizational change

    • • Learn how to communicate change when you're not 100% for it.

    • • Embrace how to lead in times of crisis and rapid change while being sensitive to human loss.

    • • Learn how to communicate and manage change (from afar) virtually.

    • • Implement 10 ways to earn buy-in and support from top executives.

    "She changed our behavior overnight!"

    — Robert Rummel, PhD, Training Manager, Western Industries

    "Kathy’s Shed or You’re Dead philosophy permeated out minds so much that we instituted an awards program called 'Shed for Success' which recognizes individuals or team members who excel."

    — Ken Barber, Training Manager, Shell Oil






Leaders are amazed to see Shed Skills being utilized and actually taken back to the job! 

Shed Ambassador of Verizon Wireless Speaks Out!

Enthusiastically being engaged and embracing change!

Ambassadors of change management and employee engagementShed Ambassadors of Verizon Wireless embrace their roles to lead the charge on change.

Key Executives Welcome Welcome Shedding! 

Employee Engagement at EventFeel the Excitement of Blue Cross Blue Shield Arkansas.