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Below are the top requested "60 Seconds of Shedding" moments.

Shedding in Africa - Lost in Amsterdam (10 part series)

Amsterdam - the perfect place to rest and break up the long 10,000 mile trip to Africa. Or so I thought! After visiting the famous Anne Frank house I roamed down streets, canal after canal. Thinking this may be the last time I'd be able to check email, I darted into an internet cafe, unsnapped my backpack belt from around my waist, and carefully placed my bag under my chair and sat down to work. Suddenly, I looked around and my backpack was gone! Read more

Be Careful What You Put In Your Basket!

It was like clockwork. Friday night, 7pm. As a teenager, my ritual was having all my friends over, renting horror movies (like Halloween and Friday the 13th) and staying up late into the night watching one movie right after another. When I walked in the door from the video store, it was also the Friday night ritual to hear my mom's gentle reminder, "Kathy, be careful what you are putting in your basket!" She would go on, "Inside your head there is a basket and everything you put in the basket comes out in some way." Read more

Never ask your husband to get the oil changed! (Part 1)

In 1995, Kathy and her sister, Virginia, decided to take a three-week European vacation. While traveling in Venice, Kathy decided to call back home. She asked her then husband how things were going. He sighed and replied, "Not well. The police have just confiscated your car!" Read more

Never ask your husband to get the oil changed! (Part 2)

Kathy returned from Europe a couple weeks later and found herself without a car and talking with the police. "Ma'am, after investigating we've discovered that your car had been wrecked and was put back together with stolen parts and then sold to a dealer. Did you ever have any problems with the vehicle?" the officer asked. Read more

Have you sentenced yourself to Alcatraz?

Last fall, Lenny and Kathy traveled to San Francisco for a speaking engagement. While taking a tour of the legendary Alcatraz Island Penitentiary, Kathy stood in one of the cold, damp 9' x 5' cells and peered out the prison bars. "WOW! Look at the spectacular view of the San Francisco Bay. How incredible! The prisoners had the best view. They were so lucky," she exclaimed! Read more.

Don't Eat Green M&M's! They'll make you pregnant!

Traveling back from LA last week, Kathy and Lenny hopped on a plane and settled themselves into 7A (which seems to be their remote office seat assignment.) Minutes later, a young, attractive, blond woman sat down beside them. After she buckled up, she opened up a bag of M&M's and started eating them one by one. Read more

Always Call An Exterminator to Help Deal With Your Feelings!

In 2002, right after moving to Wilmington, Delaware, Kathy and Lenny decided to have all the old and cloudy sliding glass doors replaced on their townhouse. It was a sunny Friday afternoon when Kathy stood on the deck and heard John, one of the workers installing the new doors, yell, "Watch out guys. There are bees coming from that small hole above the door!" Fellow worker Frank shouted back, "Don't worry, John, I'll use my caulking gun and plug up the hole, then they won't bother us anymore!" Read more

You Can Buy Love on eBay!

How many times can you find love when you search eBay? A) 12,476; B) 45,621; C) 72,992; D) 90,239. Read more

Never go into your garage without your umbrella! (Part 1)

A couple days before Christmas, Kathy flew down the stairs and ran into the garage to pack the trunk of her car with her luggage. In a rush to get out of the house quickly and head to the airport, Kathy slammed the lid of her trunk on her right thumb. In a panic, she looked down and saw that her thumb was completely stuck and the trunk was completely closed. Her panic swelled as Kathy realized three things. Read more

Why you should never go into your garage without your umbrella! (Part 2)

A few days after returning from Christmas in Tennessee, Kathy stood in her cold garage talking to her neighbor Walt about where he was going to build some shelves for her over the weekend. After taking some measurements, Walt looked down at Kathy's splinted right thumb and said, "I heard you got your thumb stuck in the car trunk?" Kathy grimaced as she retold the story. (See below if you missed last week's issue.) Read more

Don't Get Pregnant Just Because You Want a Closer Parking Spot!

Newsflash: 8-10 inches of snow are forecasted in the Philadelphia area tonight! With the kitchen cupboards bare, Lenny and Kathy rushed to the SuperFresh grocery store to pick up some needed items: bread, milk, and crickets, of course. Read more

Did Walt Disney Fear Mice?

True or False — Walt Disney feared mice. Read more

Take Time To Get Your Shoes Shined!

Kathy and Lenny had just landed at Chicago's O'Hare airport when they overheard a man gleefully bellowing, "Shoe shine! Who needs your shoes shined?" Kathy looked down at her dull shoes and took the man up on his offer. Read more

Don't Forget to Stop and Smell the Gas!

When I first moved to Delaware almost four years ago, I quickly located the gas station nearest to my house. One day, in a rush, I pulled in and hopped out of the car. Irritated to find that the station did NOT have the option of paying at the pump by credit card, I immediately left while touting, 'This station's still in the dark ages!' Read more

Help! Bail Me From Jail!

Yesterday, I received a letter in the mail with the return address: Delaware Correctional Center. A printed message plastered the back of the envelope. 'This letter was sent by an inmate who is in State Prison. The State is not responsible for debts incurred, or for the contents of the letter.' I precariously opened the envelope. It was from an inmate who had read a newspaper article on Lenny and me entitled, 'It's the Lizard's Lesson: Let Go and Get On with Life.' Read more

Ask and Ye Shall Recieve!

In 1993, my sister sold her house and was looking to relocate closer to me. One afternoon she stopped by my house and I said, 'Four doors down there is a house with a circular driveway. Wouldn't you like to live there, Virginia?' She responded, 'Yes, Kathy, but there is just one problem. The house is NOT for sale!' I responded back, 'So!?! Let's go ask them if they want to sell their house.' After an argument back and forth about this outlandish idea and what the worst outcome would be that the owner would say no, my sister agreed to walk down the street (Note: Way behind me!) and knock on the door. Read more