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Kids Shed to Move Ahead

From birth to death, shedding is a continual process of embracing the new and letting go of the old.

Shedding is the #1 most important skill for life.

If we can help kids get these skills earlier in life, they will be equipped for whatever life might throw at them.

It’s the vision of The Shedding Revolution to get a copy of the Kid’s Survival Guide book and a little green Lenny lizard into the hands of thousands of children. That this fun interactive 20 True/False Question book will encourage conversations between kids and their parents, grandparents, teachers, school nurses and other key role models in a child’s life.


"Kids Survival Guide - Dealing with Hurt®" book


“Because every one of us, from childhood to the grave, has to deal with hurts, sadness, anger and fear, the sooner we learn to recognize these for what they are -simply feelings- the sooner we will learn to cope with the many changes, blessings, and unexpected events that come our way. Kathy Dempsey’s approach in supporting children to do just that is a gift beyond words, and one that may happily prevent them from spending unnecessary time in an office like mine as an adult.”

— Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD

Dealing With Hurt

In this insightful book, recipient of the Writer's Digest Book Award, Kathy B. Dempsey speaks to children in their journey of loss and survival.  Kathy and her partner, Lenny T. Lizard speak directly to children, giving them tools and techniques for managing hurt.

The Kids’ Survival Guide: Dealing with Hurt is based on the SHED Philosophy. Shedding is a fundamental skill for everyone: it means letting go of the old and embracing the new. The book’s key message is Shed to Move Ahead. From birth to death, we must keep shedding. Learning this cores kill is crucial for all of us to lead happier and healthier lives.

Cost: $12.95


Kids Shed Certificate
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Did you complete the book?  Well then you know that Lenny has posted this certificate here for you!  Click the button below to see the certificate and print your award.  Congratulations on learning how to Shed to Move Ahead!

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