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OUR SHEDDING PHILOSOPHY IS the Foundation for Change Management

The cornerstone of Keep Shedding! Inc. is our shedding philosophy. It is based on a powerful metaphor. Lizards grow by shedding their skin, if they don’t shed, they die! If humans and organizations don’t grow, they die! Shed or You're Dead®!

 Shedding is a two part process.

1. Letting go of the old. “The old” represents all those things that are unhealthy and are no longer serving you. They may have once served you, but they no longer do now.

2. Taking on the new. The second part of shedding is taking on all the new skills, knowledge and healthy habits that will help you continue to grow.

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From Our Clients

“We see many speakers from all over the United States, and Kathy is one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

— Dawn Scifres,
Corporate HR Specialist, Wal-Mart