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Did Walt Disney Fear Mice?

True or False - Walt Disney feared mice.

True! Walt Disney did fear mice!

While visiting Disneyworld with my nephew recently, I was surprised to discover that Walt Disney was afraid of mice. I wondered, why would someone create Mickey Mouse as their main character if they were afraid of mice?

Lenny has observed humans and has discovered that often their greatest fears become their greatest pleasures. The determining factor in overcoming fear is courage. Courage is facing fear and moving forward anyway. Despite the many fears and obstacles that Walt Disney faced (unsupportive parents, financial challenges, and fired from a job after he was told he lacked artistic ability) he mustered courage, took action and kept moving forward.

Lenny's Challenge: Take 60 Seconds and ask yourself, 'What do I fear?' How you can take your greatest fear and transform it into your greatest pleasure? What is something you can do today to muster the courage to face your fear and move forward anyway?

Courageously facing your fears is 100% your choice! Shed or You're Dead (TM)!

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